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Guest Stay      
Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat      
Friday, February 24, 2017
I have been running Eagles View Bed & Breakfast for seven years now. The main thing that has been brought to my attention over the years is the challenges women face in today's fast paced modern world. Women today are trying to be everything for everyone. As Women we juggle being a wife, mother, daughter, in that we work diligently to be a good parent, a good wife. a good daughter. We face having to take care of alling parents. We do all this while having a full time job or career. We find ourselves sleeping less and doing more. The result ends with exhaustion, depression, anxiety, health issues and relationship issues. At the end of the day we feel we have no time to take care of ourselves.  Thousands of women from all over the world had  this very conversation with me at the breakfast table. Women need women, to uplift each other, empower each other and to support each other. I wanted to create a special event for women so they can Relax, Refresh, Renew. A safe place where women can come together to uplift each other and empower each other. Most of all so that each woman could invest the time in their selves physically, emotionally and spiritually. So I launched the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat. Offering : yoga, journaling, painting class, meditation, Reiki and massage.  If you are interested in more details contact me @ 606-561-7834.
Thank You,
Deborah A. Dunhoft/Owner 
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Your Dream Wedding      
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Here at Eagles View Bed & Breakfast We Specialize in Destination Customized Weddings. Whether this is your first wedding, a renewal of your vows or an elopement, I make sure every detail of your event is both pleasurable and a memorable experience. Therefore, I offer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple. I am confident with my experience and passion I can help you create a wedding of your dreams.

The keys to our success are as follows:

1. Service our clients' needs promptly and efficiently.
2. Maintain excellent working relationships with vendors such as   Florists, Photographers, and Caterers to name a few.
3. Maintain a professional image at all times.
4. Very personable and passionate in the work we do.
5. Offer a customize wedding package to fit your budget.

So if you want the Wedding of your dreams without busting your budget book your Wedding here at Eagles View Bed & Breakfast on beautiful Lake Cumberland.

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Valientines Romance Package      
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
February is Romance Month!
If you want to do something special for the love of your life: Request our Valentine's Romance Package which includes: A 2-Night Stay, A free Valentine's candy bouquet, A private Candle Light Breakfast for 2, Chocolate covered Strawberries and a Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Cider. Enjoy a romantic evening in the hot tub with your special love. - ALL FOR ONLY $350.00 (a $179.00 SAVINGS!)
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My Story      
Monday, January 18, 2016
                                                      My Story

The question I get asked most is “ How did you become a Bed & Breakfast Owner?” I thought I would share with you today how I became a bed and breakfast owner in February 2008. This is my story.

In 2004 my life fell completely apart. I was a mother of four. Two girls two boys. I was married to who I believed was my soul mate and the man I would grow old with. However this was not the plan for my future. My 17 year marriage was coming apart at the seams. I believed in marriage and I believed in us, but no matter how much you love or believe doesn’t make it so. My marriage was over and I felt like my life went up in flames and I was left standing in a foot of ashes. What do I do? How do I start over? How do I not feel like I failed? No one wants to start their life over in their forties. I did the only thing I knew I could do in this crises I was facing. I had to reach for my Heavenly Father and trust he will lead me down the path I belong going down. I had to trust and I had to believe in him. I knew his love would not fail me. I also knew having him in my heart and trusting him I would be okay. My Heavenly Father gave me the strength to fight and start over. So starting over is what I did, Was it easy? No. Did I have nights that I cried and prayed? Yes. Many nights like that! I had a very good friend of mine once tell me “ Debbie through pain there is growth” at this point in my life I knew I was going to do some major growing. I was going to go on a new Journey not the one I planned but the one my Heavenly Father planned especially for me.

I was working as a Manager in a dental office. This had been my career choice for over twenty years. I was very confident in my work and enjoyed doing dentistry. It is important to me to help people and make a difference no matter how big or small that may have been. I obtained a condo for me and my two younger children who were still living at home. In 2005 I met a man at my local church. We began dating. This was a major step for me. Dating again in your forties was scary. Oh well that is another whole story in itself. I know with all my heart my Heavenly Father brought this man into my life. Did I question him?? Oh yes!!! I questioned him many times. I had to remember to trust and believe in him. We dated two years and he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Knowing this is the way my life was suppose to be going I still had a big question, that I didn’t have the answer. How was I going to fit into his life. Why was that a big question for me? Because he had a dream. His dream was to be a stripper guide on Lake Cumberland. He had worked 38 years at the same company saving, so he could make his dream come true. I didn’t want him to give up on his dream but I just couldn’t see how I would fit into it. Lake Cumberland was over two hours away. That was the first problem. My children and his children all lived in Northern Kentucky. We had a home there. Also the only work I had ever done was Dentistry. Burnside and Somerset were small towns. How would I get a job in my field in a small town that no one knew my reputation. So what was I going to do while he was on the lake doing his guide business?  So I prayed. I asked my Heavenly Father to show me how, I could fit into the man he brought into my life, dreams.

We were on our way to go to Lake Cumberland on a guided tour with a friend. The phone rings and it is my husbands daughter. She explained she was at her friends house in Burnside. They started building it and his company was going under and he would be out  a job. They could not finish building it. They needed to sell. They were over 50% complete and had no other options but to stop construction and sell. We went and looked at the house that day. We both felt it was a beautiful home but was way too big for just the two of us. Two weeks later we were out to dinner when this light bulb went off. I said “ hey what if we make that house a small Bed & Breakfast?” As soon as I said it I thought “ Wow where did that come from? I knew nothing about a Bed & Breakfast. So we went back to Lake Cumberland that weekend and told them we wanted to buy it. On the ride home I can remember telling my husband. “ If it is meant for us to own this house and start a Bed & Breakfast our Heavenly Father will make it happen.” He did just that. Our house in Northern Kentucky sold in three days. The new owners loved the house so much that they bought 40% of my decorations. In two weeks we were in closing with out even a hiccup. So we were on our way to living what had become my dream to. I was going to be the owner of a Bed & Breakfast and he was going to be the owner of a Guide business. The path was set but we still had to have faith. It was a failing economy in 2008. We were not just starting one business but two. Neither one of us even knew how to start and run two business. We both had to believe in our Heavenly Father and do the foot work. We both worked so hard. Finishing the house, naming the business, furnishing the house for a bed and breakfast, taking courses, passing inspections, becoming an LLC, naming the rooms, learning all the marketing and bookwork and so on. Now we have been running our business for five years . We love it. It is growing everyday. We both are so proud of all our hard work. We took a leap of faith but we both know the real praise goes to our Heavenly Father. I trusted in him, I believed in him, and he created this. We just do the foot work. That is how I became the proud owner Of Eagles View Bed & Breakfast.

Thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Every now and then we check sites like and to see what our guests have to say about their experiences at the inn. Since the reviews often do not contain names, we are unable to personally thank guests for their kind comments. It brightens our day to read comments like those below and to know that you enjoyed your time at Eagles View Bed &Breakfast.


5 on April 06, 2015

We were so happy to have stumbled across this B & B while searching for a place to stay for Easter Weekend. What wonderful hosts Debbie and Gary are to their guests! The experience was Superb and we Highly recommend a visit to Eagles View B & B for a weekend getaway! It was worth the trip!

Best B&B we've been to.

4.6 on May 09, 2015

"Easy to love, hard to leave" is the message under the name of this B&B and it is certainly true describing this place. We stayed a day longer than planned because we loved it so much. Best place we've stayed at as far as B&B's are concerned. We've never planned on staying at one place a second time, we like to go to different places, but I would make an exception for this place. Thank you Gary and Deborah for sharing your beautiful home.

Awesome B& B

5 on October 21, 2014

We couldn't have been more pleased by our recent stay - definitely going back again, very clean, Debbie couldn't be nicer - view out of this world, great cooking & hospitality - can hardly wait for out next visit - the pictures do not do it justice in fact made us a bit leery - don't let them fool you - decorated wonderfully for a rustic log cabin!


5 on October 20, 2014

All the details of Eagles View B&B are pristine. The hosts are lovely and the views are divine. We would return in a heartbeat!

Highly Recommend

5 on September 09, 2014

Eagles View B&B is just perfect for a lakefront getaway. Great location with boat ramp right around the corner. The owners are wonderful and the lake view is spectacular.
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Welcome to EAGLESVIEW Bed & Breakfast      
Monday, July 29, 2013
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A Hidden Message      
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
This past weekend I had our first wedding at Eagles View Bed and Breakfast. I woke up Saturday October 1st,2010 to a beautiful sunny fall day. My first thought was “ Wow what a beautiful day for a wedding. I had no idea at the time what this beautiful day was about to truly give me. Now I will go back in time to talk about a past event. The year 2000 living in Cincinnati, on Monette Ct. My four children were young and still living at home. At the time I was a very busy Wife, Mother, Dedicated Daughter, and a Teacher at a Dental School. During that time of my life I was so busy I didn’t have time to breath much less think. It was going from one task to another and constant emergencies with my terminally ill father that I helped take care of.. One evening at home I was listening to music by myself in my living room. Music was a big part of my life. I could identify with certain songs. I always escape into music which in return would fill me up and energize me for the next day events. At the time I had my very favorites. My top five artists that captured my soul, energized my spirit and calmed my heart. Jewel. Sara McLachlan, Stevie Nikes, Natalie Merchant, and Sheryl Crow. Now I know you are wondering what all this as to do with the wedding on October 1st. One summer evening I felt completely depleted. I decide to take a little time to myself and pull out my top five CD’s. I put Jewel in first when I had a knock at the door. I jumped up and went to the door. When I opened the door my father was standing there with oxygen in his nose holding his portable oxygen tank. “ Hi Deb” your mom is at work so I thought I would come up and see you.” At the request of my father seven years prior I bought a home around the corner from my Mom & Dad. The same neighborhood I grew up in. I let my dad in and told him I was in the living room listening to music. He came up into the living room and sat down. He looked so fragile to me and I can remember feeling so scared for him and for me. He asked what I was listening to and I told him Jewel. He asked why I liked her music. I told him I liked women artist that wrote their own lyrics but more so artist that had a lot of humility. He ask how do you know Jewel has humility? I told him because at one point in her life she was homeless sleeping in her car and she was very scared. She had the courage to fight through the fear and grow into who she is now. The same humility I seen in my father who was terribly scared to die and he knew he was. Just then number 13 song came on ‘Angels Standing By” from her Spirit album began to play. My dad became real quite and listened to ever word of that song. I didn’t listen to the words because I was too busy watching him listen and the expressions on his face. When the song was over he asked me if I would promise to play that song at his funeral. I remember having a heart wrenching pain in my heart when he made that request. Wondering how I was ever going to live on with out the most important person in my life “MY FATHER” Of course I promised. Several occasions after that he asked me to play that song for him. Again he would make me promise to play it at his funeral. Now back to October 1st. The day of the wedding. All the guest were sitting  patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. However we had a problem inside. The bride forgot to bring the music she needed to play for the ceremony. Her mother went to the car and grabbed a CD of love songs she burnt. The Bride picked the song from that CD that she wanted to walk down the isle to. My husband placed the CD into the player. The speakers were out side on the deck were the ceremony was being held. To our surprise the CD would not load. The bride and her bridesmaid were in line waiting for the music to begin. The bride requested we just pick a CD that we may have. She expressed her concerns about the guest waiting so long. She explained to us she didn’t care what it was. I felt rushed and concerned about what I was going to grab out of my CD cabinet. I opened the cabinet and just grabbed a CD case. It was Jewel that I had not listened to since March 25th 2001. I handed it to my husband and said” play number 13“. I don’t know why I said number 13. I didn’t even remember what number 13 was. He placed it into the CD player and hit number 13. The music began to play and the brides maids preceded to walk down the isle. I heard Jewel “Angels Standing By” I got goose bumps all up and down my arms watching the bride walk down the isle with her father. Still very busy in my mind about the wedding I didn’t hear the message. The next morning in my quite time I pulled Jewel up on You tube. And played Angel Standing By. I listened to every word as my dad did that summer evening at my house in 2000. I heard the hidden message from him to me. I kept my promise and played that song at his funeral. He died march 25th 2001. After his death my passion to listen to music and to write died with him as so I thought. Since 2001 I stopped writing and have not listen to Jewel till the day of the wedding. October 1st 2010. Nine years later. I got the message from him now. I feel so connected to him as if he was in my living room talking with me. Today I feel light hearted. I can listen to music again with the passion I once had. My heart and creative mind is open again to write. Thank you dad I got your message when you knew it was time for me to receive it~~
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Eagles View B&B Slide Show      
Monday, March 8, 2010

Create a Free Slideshow
I hope you enjoy.
Deborah Dunhoft/inkeeper/Owner
Please Support your Small Businesses
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Freddie The Fox      
Monday, February 25, 2013

Eagles View Bed and Breakfast RED FOX:                                                                              

We have named our furry friend Freddie. He visits us on a daily basis here at the B&B. This is a tradition that started with the previous owners of our home. They would throw their table scrapes out every evening at the same time. In the summer it would be right before the sun set. The wooded lot next store, loaded with tress and brush, Freddie would travel across into the open view of the B&B grounds. His feast would be dropped over the end of the deck in the same spot. My husband (Gary) and I knew feeding the wild was not a wise choice. However the previous owners had started this tradition with Freddie and we came to realize Freddie wanted his meal. One summer evening right before sunset, we heard a barking but with a high pitch. This did not sound like a dog barking. My husband and I quickly went to the end of the deck and looked down. There sat Freddie, on a rock making a barking sound. We knew he was looking for his evening meal. Gary and I decide that summer evening to continue to feed Freddie as the previous owners have. All summer long just before sunset we sat at the end of the deck and watched Freddie come across the wooded lot to the rock right below the end of our deck. Each evening he would eat what we had left over from dinner. When he was full he would go back across the wooded lot till he was out of sight. Little did we know Freddie had friends? In my next blog I will talk about his friends Rocky and Fester. Below is some information on the Red Fox.

The classic quarry of the fox hunter, the wily Red Fox is reddish-yellow with black legs. It’s bushy tail is a mixture of black and reddish hairs; the tail tip is white. A rare color variation is the black (or silver) phase, which retains the white tail tip. The cross phase resembles a Gray Fox but has a dark cross over the shoulders and down the middle of the back. The Red Fox is active in open country and forests almost everywhere, but is absent from much of the Pacific Coast, southwestern deserts, and the Rockies. It feeds on insects, birds, rodents, rabbits, berries, and fruit, usually at night. Weighs up to 15 pounds.

Their winter diet consists mainly of small mammals like mice, squirrels and rabbits. In the summer months, insects, crayfish and vegetable matter play a more important part in their diet. Pryed upon primarily by coyotes and bobcats.



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Introducing “Eagles View Bed and Breakfast”      
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Hello internet world. I would like to introduce Eagles View Bed and Breakfast. Easy to Love Hard to Leave. We are located in Burnside Kentucky on Lake Cumberland. Eagles View B&B is not just another nights stay it is an experience. Need to get away and relax? This is the place that offers beautiful views, tranquility and solitude. Check us out at Thank you Debbie/inkeeper/owner.
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